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B2C will focus on results rather than efficiency. We are researching the new technic and beautiful.

If you don't know the hair style that suits you, or you can't get satisfactory results, we I hope you come to B2C. We are good at having a lot of hair people. We are also good at people with very fine hair. Minimize damage to your hair. If your damage to the hair can't be solved at once, we will use the time to solve the beauty of your hair. We accept those who have perm and ion hot and haircut failures in other hair salons.

Hair Salon,Kobe-Sannomiya
Tel 078-332-0400
On foot-from JR Motomachi Station 4min., Hankyu Sannomiya Station 4min.
Beauty salon,HeadSpa,Nail,Kobe-Sannomiya/Tel 078-333-1120
On foot-from JR Motomachi Station 4min., Hankyu Sannomiya Station 4min.
Special team by Mr.Yasui. To solve hair problems, there are high-level techniques in Cut, HairRelaxer,Perm, Hairdye. Thursday, Saturday in Kobe (gem, Raffine), Friday. Sunday in Osaka (B2C)

The hair salon with the main body of technology

For those with more hair, curly hair, less hair, and hair repair, I am confident that I can improve the situation. This is also the ultimate goal of my practice and research every day.

Priority for hair improvement and quality

What we are asking for is dedication and courtesy, and the pharmacy used is also the best choice for hair, showing the best service and quality at no extra cost.

Designers design with heart

The biggest asset of B2C is the “hairdresser”. In order to provide superior technology, we must be in an environment where people can grow. Most of B2C's employees who grow up with new graduates are gentle and excellent. They are full of confidence in those passions, but a little shy personality and work. We do years of work and share technology and information among our employees. B2C hairdressers share new technologies and technologies. If there is a change in the person in charge, there is no significant difference in technology. I think this is something that other hair salons can't imitate.

Strict implementation

We will point out the correct shortcomings and advantages to review and correct

We do not force sales

Regarding the shop's products, employees will not be forced to sell, so please rest assured

The first time you arrive at the store, there is no discount.

The company does not have discounted volumes and coupons, a clear single price, please forgive me.

We treat all customers fairly

B2C is not published in coupon magazines. We treat all our customers at the specified price.

WiFi can be
used in Osaka-
store,and Kobe store.
Inside of a shop is
prohibition of smoking

Yasui owner's
Yasui owner's work day
Trouble of hair style, trouble in the beauty salon,Yasui owner replies to consultation of hair.
Dry Stroke Cut

A haircut that changes the texture of the hair

Different hair types If the cutting method is different, the soft hair is smooth and the soft hair is fluffy. It takes more than two years to learn. It is the hair quality that it is possible.
weak acid hot plastic                 

The ability to heat perm is your hair suit

This is possible because we use a weakly acidic spiera. It does not damage the hair, so we can make elastic curls. Beautiful curly hair can be obtained for both fine and straight.
no alkali ion                 

Our ion is hot without compromise

It is characterized by natural, shiny and tactile sensations. It takes a long time but insists on the results

Dyeing hair from three primary colors

I make a beautiful color, we should calculate from the three primary colors without relying on hair dye.
Mr. Anjing                 

Yasui Director

Here is the director's policy to follow, the attendance schedule, the hairdresser's introduction for the client, and hair trouble consultation.
Natural Hall                 

Using shampoo and hair treatment

The brand used by B2C is homemade. It has as low an irritation as possible and is made from ingredients that use natural ingredients and have the best feel.
Japanese style                 

kimono and Japanese Hair

We accept kimono dressings and Japanese-style enamel sets. Want to experience it?

ImageChange-TV is a program that recruits the participant who has the makeover desire from general, and transforms it by beautician's technique.

A credit card can be used. B2C has not been published in the magazine coupon.

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