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Hair dye

Hair dye Feature

  • color1 Change the color.

    • For example, your can even change the color every time and does not have the extra damage.
      Because, we properly use many, the drug with different effect.
      Although it is the common case ....
      At the root, and black new hair is growing,and Hair destination when the color is too bright by fading.
      Use the drug to brighten up the black at the root and use the drug only for a tinting, of point of a brush.
      By extra effort, a new damage does not occur to the point of a brush.
  • color2 Weaving(3D Hair Color)

    • Weaving

      Weaving it to scoop more hair. Only part of the color of the spread of Chinese medicine, and foil. Grid completely enter.
      Then, 3D hair color is wonderful.

  • color7 Slicing(3D Hair Color)

    • Slicing

      The man's hair or short hair, I recommend. The hair is slice into 1-2 cm. Alternating different colors spread of drugs, and its local foil. It is not simple, you can enjoy a dynamic way of staining.

  • color4 Balayage

    • Balayage

      It is the technique for applying a hair dye freehand using a comb and putting in a mesh finely.
      A very natural hair dye is obtained.

  • color5 It's new! Pink is beautiful!

    • Pink-Hair Color

      New development! Pink is beautiful yet long-lasting.
      Bright pink, a moderately natural pink Brown also is freedom.
      If you take the order of the pink-color, then we will select always.
      In addition, the price is the same as the hair dye normal.

  • want to hair-dyed own suit.
  • want to stereoscopic color Hair
  • want to get healthy hair.
  • want to last a long time color.
  • want to dyed pink beautiful.

High tone-Color

Over 12 tone Hair dye, especially Hight-tone colors, shades and other special -color choice.
This Photo about 14 tones.

Natural Hair dye

under 12 tone Hair dye, Natural-color,3D color,pink color.
* This Photo about 9 tone

Natural Hair dye

One-Touch…7300 Jpy (Short 1000off)
Two-Touch…8300 Jpy (Short 1000off)
Wash,Dry and Tax Included

It is a technique for dyeing it with two kinds of color medicines of the root and the hair end.

Natural Hair dye


High Tone Hair dye

12 levels exceeding …13400 -- 16400 Jpy
More than toriple hair dyes, each charge: 5000 yen
Tonner color (High color fading repair) 3980 -- 5980 Jpy
Wash,Dry and Tax Included

Bright hair coloring exceeding 12 levels. Optional colors such as "brown" "ash","pink", etc. It is a menu of a special color.

High Tone Hair dye

Color of Underlayer

Color of only Underlayer
4600 -- 9700 Jpy
(narrow -- wide) Short 200off
Color of Underlayer and whole
9300 -- 16900 Jpy
(narrow -- wide) Short 200off
Wash,Dry and Tax Included

This is a technique that only has a bright color in the hair only Underlayer. This nice technique is a color change that can be seen in different angles and winds. The above price is Underlayer Bleach On Color. If you want red hair, you can only once dye, but blue gray may need to dye hair three times.(Plus 2900yen --)

Color of Underlayer

3D Design Hair Color

Weaving,Slicing…10200 Jpy (Short 1000off)
Balayage…9200 Jpy (Short 1000off)
Wash,Dry and Tax Included

How that uses'BALAYAGE'and'WEAVING' to dye it.3D staining using hoil technique (mesh). It is a technique in which the mesh is made to make the color not monotonous while repairing the fading of the new part and the tip of the hair root. Because all colors can be combined, the color tone changes infinitely.

3D Design Hair Color

Maintenance-Hair dye

Retouch + Treatment Color 8200 Jpy (Short 1000off)
Help menu when a little having collapsed Retouch. Mending color only in part where foundation is black.

Treatment Color…8200 Jpy (Short 1000off)
A treatment color is a treatment of the pigment content which gives gloss in pigment to the hair which faded.
Wash,Dry and Tax Included
Maintenance-Hair dye



Under 12-tone(Case of left)
10300 Jpy (Short 1000off
Over 12-tone(Case of right)
(Short)11900 -- 14900 Jpy)(Long)
Wash,Dry and Tax Included

Dye from the dark roots to the bright ends gradation. We are going to prepare a lot of colors.
If you want to dye the left model, just dye it once.
If you want to dye the right model, just dye twice. (one bleach and one dye)


Tonespc3spc 4spc 5spc 6spc 7spc 8spc 9spc10spc11spc12spc13spc14spc15


(Wash,Dry and Tax Included,If you want together cut1000off)
# under 12tone(Gray Hair same price)
7200 -- 8200 Jpy
# W-color  12400 -- 15400 Jpy
# Triple-color  16900 -- 19900 Jpy
# Tonner(High color fading repair) 3980 -- 5980 Jpy
# Henna 6560 -- 8720 Jpy
# Non diamine color(For Allergies) 7120 -- 8720 Jpy
# MeshOnly mesh4050 -- 1pice550
# College 500off # Uneder- hi school 1000off 


Hair care at home


It shampoo will prevent discoloration ,and absorbs the active oxygen of color after, to prevent the deterioration of the hair.
It treatment Provide moisture to hair to the scalp, keeps beautifully supple hair.
#Stabilize Shampoo 150ml 1980 JpyTax included
#Natural-Treatment 200g 2680 JpyTax included
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