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Features of Wet and Dry Cut

  • point1 Dry Stroke Cut point1

    • Dry Stroke Cut
      Shake fine scissors eyeing one one of the hair in a state in which the hair is dry,It is a technique for adjusting the texture of hair
      Such techniques cut it if has changed the quality of hair and unruly hair.
      The difference between the finish at home and finish at the salon less indecisive Pasa in clean bristles,It is a technique that cut styling is likely to be very.
      The difference in the decisive and the comb in the plow shears,Hair or fuzzy after you reduce,Volume does not in and out unnecessarily rather,And glossy, hair gathered softly
      The time required, but there is a long,The longer cycle also cut than the cut-normal,Hair is hard to break even is a big feature.
      Although it is dry cut technique which requires highly trained,All staff have done for two and a half years alone practice of this technique cut in B2C and Raffine and gem.
      In addition, dry stroke Yasui Owner is proud of ultimate
      technology that have completed the ideal of how to cut.
      Person of hard hair,We promise a great finish in the one of the curled hair that unfocused.
      Please watch the movie,
  • point2 I manipulate the silhouette. point2

    • Hair style would fit, or does not suit, the operation of this silhouette is the most important.
      In other words, sites that bloat is inflated, squeezing the site to narrow
      There is a need to calculate the combination of the length of the hair for the
      To understand highly, this silhouette theory, staff of 'B2C' , 'Raffine' and 'gem' is mastering.
      First, to create a type cut in the wet, dry cutting followed by
      Cut technique which can be called twice this time and a good point of unity,I bring the beauty of the bristles, set lasts along time it is easy to lightness in texture.
      There is no compromise in volume silhouette.
      This is why to collect popularity Kobe, Umeda
  • point3 I show the many hair lightly point3

    • Simply because to how to cut precise cut at the stroke of a few dozen times of one-panel.
      If we dont perform this carefully, beautiful lightness is not complete.
      The dry cut technique because it is a fine work, Although it becomes long in proportion to the amount of hair for the time required,Your hair is very beautiful,the hair fit into the lightness.
      The gem and Raffine of B2C and Sannomiya Umeda, I do texture adjustment to many hair type of the 'Dry stroke cut' above.

      Cut of "hair end"

      Stiff hair, hair a lot, even in the crowded and Thinning scissors, cases not settled neatly are many.

      Cut of thinning scissors

      Stiff hair, hair a lot, even in the crowded and plow shears, cases not settled neatly are many.
      ← hair is not settled in this.

      Dry Stroke Cut

      If we don't carefully of 'Dry stroke cut' deep finely shaggy, and your hair will not be lightly never.
      ← This is the ideal cut.
  • point4 Measures for soft hair point4

    • Soft hair, movement does not come out just blunt cut.
      However, thinning badly, bristles will become thin.
      We should use high compute the slide cut technique.
      Hair like this, the persistence of the case perm many bad.
      However 'Cosme hot perm' of B2C, Carl will be completed clearly.
      The affinity with the wet and dry cutting is also excellent.
  • point5 Measures for unruly hair point5

    • In hair-straightening or more, how can I fit varies greatly in how to cut the curled hair.
      The 'Dry stroke cut', curled hair is compatible with good.
      The unruly hair, compatibility with blunt cut is poor .
      It's, bristles or nowhere to bounce strongly.
      Case that when you cut with thinning scissors, become a terrible thing more often.
      That's why I would like you to try of B2C and Raffine the 'Dry stroke cut'.

  • A person hair is hard or many.
  • Lightness want to hair.
  • Cut suitable for unruly hair.
  • Who want a hair style that suits.

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