★Henna used to dye white hair, in addition, it can also be used to darken the color. Hair is not bad.

★Henna is scalp that will not be contaminated with scalp. So, can be fundamentally barely stained.


About Henna

It is said that Cleopatra also wore. As medicines Kampo medicine, and it has been used to the present day.
It is said that the juice extracted oil of henna or are used for skin diseases, decoction has been used for burns.
Smell of henna is similar to tea leaves. There is a relaxation effect in the same way as the herbs.
On to form a thin coating on the tangled hair protein contains a red dye, to give a luster tension waist,
The combined dyeing other colors are rich Lawson of the main component of henna.
Because to use a mixture of herbs strong other dyes, variations of color is rich.
Henna dyed firmly. The henna, there is a treatment effect and natural coloring effect.

spcBlack HennaspcYellow BlownspcNatural

Red Blown
Dark Blown
Ash Blown

Natural Henna


①Leaves entire branch(Color enzyme25%)

Cheap Raw material
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②Leaves entire(Color enzyme55%)

General Products

③Only mesophyll(Color enzyme100%)

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Plant dye 97%
Including 3% chemical dyes, but it is also highly safe, and it is very good to dye products with less fading.
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#LongWhole8160 Jpy / Only root7560 Jpy
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Head Spa with Henna
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Plant dye 100%
Number of colors that can selected is small and takes long time. However,safety is the highest in allergy.
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Head Spa with Henna
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