Kobe Sannomiya ,Osaka Umeda B2C
B2C Osaka Umeda gem-TorWest Raffine-Kobe

Extension Osaka Kobe

Hight Quality of Extension Color

Extension Hair

It is made of human hair, you can also use hot curlers or curling.

Very Small

You can be attached to the extension bangs. It's possible to achieve because joint is very small.
Price (Tax included)
Extension 10g4960 Jpn
Perm with Ext. 10g6040 Jpn
StraightPerm with Ext.10g6040 Jpn
Point 550 Jpn
Incuruid Extension Cut

#60g (About80p)It is a standard case and All heads.
#50g (About65p)Between full and the half.
#30g (About40p)Half back etc.
#20g (About25p)Mesh,Border of the back hair