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Head Spa
Head Spa2
It is the massage effect of a "head spa" that cures your stress.
Furthermore, Head Spa makes a hair root healthy.
We have prepared five courses for your scalp.
organic30min/3480 Jpy / Cleansing 50min/4980 Jpy / Restoration 50min/5280 Jpy / India style 50min/5480 Jpy / Cream Bath 60min/5580 Jpy
Head Spa3
Head Spa 2

Healthy Hair for future

Anti-aging… One skin of the scalp and the face is connected. Therefore, it is effective also in the face.

Head Spa 3


Head Spa make deep pores of sebum and dirt accumulation (Treatment, styling agents) dead skin (sebum, keratin plug waste, etc.) to get clear, hold,hairdresser root health

Head Spa 4

HeadSpa+Treatment 2900 Jpy

(Regular price 4830)
*Head Spa+Facial Esthetic 2420~ Jpy,