Kobe Sannomiya ,Osaka Umeda B2C
B2C Osaka Umeda gem-TorWest Raffine-Kobe

Wig cut at Osaka Umeda ,Kobe Sannomiya,Cut makes Hair Style.

I will cut it so that the customer looks good with the wig on. Change the hair of the day according to your mood ♪
Bringing wigs purchased from other stores is welcome. Fashionable wigs, medical wigs and men's wigs are welcome.
* Cosplay Wig Cut
* In the case of wigs, you need to make Hair iron. 6900Jpy - 8400Jpy
* The size of the hand trouble is different.
* Don't have a stick in the wig 5900
* bangs and surrounding faces bangs and surrounding faces of the wig 2900Jpy - 4900Jpy
* The size of the range is different.
* Only bangs bangs of wig 1600Jpy
* The role-playing styling in the wig 3680Jpy - 5100Jpy
* There is a limited hairstyles
* Medical use wigs and men's wigs
* All 5600Jpy
* Only bangs 1100Jpy

Wigcut Q,A

Q: Can wigs be wound with a trowel?
A: It depends on the type of wig. If you use human hair or heat-resistant fiber, you can wind it. How to wind Since there is a point, the staff will explain when you visit.
Q: Will the waves wound in the set return to the original when washed?
A: In the case of human hair, return to the original, and in the case of chemical fiber, it depends on the type. * Although we will cut according to the customer, even if you do not like it, you can not refund or pay for the wig.