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Syuji Yasui

Osaka Umeda ,Kobe Sannomiya Charisma Beautician

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I would like to respond to trouble people have expectations Hair

* The amount of hair is often not settled
* Hair is thin, there is no volume
* Difficult unruly hair
* Hair perm does not last a long time
Price (Tax included)

Yasui Owner Price

Adult:7300 Jpy College:6300 Jpy Student:5300 Jpy
#Cosme-Hot Permand Cut
Adult:19200 Jpy College:17700 Jpy Student:16700 Jpy
#Straight Parmand Cut
Adult:22780 Jpy College:21280 Jpy Student:19780 Jpy
#Natural Hair Relaxerand Cut
Adult:24200 Jpy- College:22700 Jpy- Student:21200 Jpy-
#Relaxer for Black People
24900 Jpy -38700 Jpy
#Hair dyeand Cut
Adult:14500 Jpy- College:13000 Jpy- Student:11500 Jpy-
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