We are confident in the relaxed atmosphere of skilled female hairdressers. We feel that we must make hairstyles that are reproducible and durable, and choose the method that does not harm the hair the least. In the event of a failure, we have a solution to reduce the problem.


Raffine-Kobe Hair Salon
Open  10:30~20:00 (LastOrder 19:00)
SatSun 10:00~19:30 (LastOrder 18:30)
Map(Sannomiya Station On foot 4 min.)
Reservation system
#Monday regular holiday


Gel Nail

Gel Nail

Gel nail makes nail fascinating. It can do together with a permanent or coloring to the same timing.


Hair Cut

Dry Stroke Cut

Recommendation A person hair is hard or many. Lightness want to hair. Cut suitable for unruly hair. Who want a hair style that suits.
Head Spa
The head spa is a massage that heals the stress of "Head". And, it is washing that radically removes the dirt of pores. "Total esthetics of the head" from the inside as for healthy of the hairIt prepared it by 5courses according to customer.

Natural Hair Relaxer

Hair relaxer

We can do it by Hair Relaxer

We have a lot of experience. Is not only Japanese, it also includes the race and other ethnic groups. They are Unruly hair ,Curly hair, Frizzy hair. We will select the know-how tailored to your hair type.


We make the male customer the hairstyle which matches well. Raffine-Kobe


A female customer is femininely made Charming and Cute. Raffine-Kobe
You dont feel of incongruity. Because the connection part of extension and your hair is small A usual hair set is also easy. Raffine-Kobe's Extention
Facial massage is recommended. Whitening and a lift rise should be able to realize you immediately.

Credit card・paypay
You can use Credit card.
Eyelush facial photo

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In the Raffine,
You can use Wifi
iPad,iPhone,iPod touch
A beautician does not smoke, either.
  • Raffine is a kawaii hair salon.
  • Except for a supervisor, all the members are a female beautician.
  • There are many a student's customers.
  • A male customer is 30% of the whole.
  • We have big confidence in
  • the technology of Natural hair relaxer
    and a permanent wave.
  • A head spa will relieve your tiredness.