Natural Hair Relaxer
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Natural Hair Relaxer

Natural Hair Relaxer 'Rhurend'

  • 1 For all natural curly

    • For Natural curly hair of all types.

      We have a lot of experience. Is not only Japanese, it also includes the race and other ethnic groups. They are Unruly hair ,Curly hair, Frizzy hair. We will select the know-how tailored to your hair type. Hair Relaxer1

  • 2 We make a very natural hairstyle

    • Kobe Sannomiya, B2C of Osaka Umeda, using technology developed by itself

      ■There is no unnatural phenomenon after technique
      I also hope that male customers can rest assured. Short hair won't become unnatural.
      (look to have really done Natural Hair Relaxer) signs can be avoided.
      ■The surface of the hair is very smooth and feels good. In order to achieve the desired results, we need the technology and medicine to reduce the damage to the hair, whether it is consistent.
      It is characterized by the luster of the top of the head. The hair naturally shakes in the wind.
      Hair Relaxer2

  • 3 Beautiful straight

    • As natural as no Hair Relaxer

      We create true hair shine. We donot need apply gross to the hair surface. There is no result that the hair surface is rough. I feel that the value of the technology can't be found in commonplace Hair Relaxer. We have a commitment. ironing temperature and prosess time. This ability is a good result. This is the commitment of all our hairdressers.

      Hair Relaxer3
  • 4 Hair damage is minimal

    • Risk of hair damage is minimal

      Hair Relaxer4

      Damage is inherent in straight perm. However, that's why we will work with the aim of minimum damage always. Damage is suppressed to the minimum. As for a healthy part and the damage part, the suited density of the medicine is quite different. Two or more medicines are painted and divided diligently. Moreover,the part given once is straight through all eternity. Part of success by 'Non alkaline Natural Hair Relaxer' does not return to the original later. So,your have to the next time, It's only need to 'Non alkaline Natural Hair Relaxer' new-grow hair. It is a result of high quality such, I reduce the burden on the hair.

  • 5 Technique of Bangs

    • 前髮Hair Relaxer実例

      Technique example of Bangs

      We believe that the technology used for bangs is more important.
      Very naturaly, We consciously made the direction of the hair.

      Bangs with a natural flow was made

      We feel that both female and male guests need to be conscious.

  • 6 For unique thin hair technique

    • Thin hair technique of Hair Relaxer

      Ours unique thin curled hair technique

      This photo is an example of a very thin curled hair
      If the hair exerts a force, there is a risk of cuts. But we can solve it with our own technology.
      We also solved the hair quality of most problem hairs for Other hairdressers who made mistake.

      Please leave the difficult technology to the representative of Yasui
  • 7 It's very important you choose a hair salon

    • Since curls are unique, there is no way to determine the practice. Therefore, achievements and data are crucial. It took us 15 years to complete our technology.
      We share the expertise of many technical examples with beauticians. Did not do simple work or process work. For each customer designs a process. The power and attention of the beautician makes up for your hairdressing. We Think important to polite works.

  • 8 Part of the Hair Relaxer

    • For example, you only need bangs for Natural Hair Relaxer

      If you are just annoyed by your bangs curling up, or if you have some trouble with parts of curling , we will achieve this hope. We do this way to get a good haircut.

      Hair Relaxer4

  • RHUREND enables straight hair.
  • Glossily straight.
  • Touch good, straight hair
  • Hairstyle not feel odd Reduce damage.
  • Do not you give up

Natural Hair Relaxer

Do you give up?
We can do it by Hair Relaxer!

POINT1. The surface of the hair is made a smooth feeling.
POINT2. It was impossible so far,the thing to lower the forelock diagonally.
and the thing to produce the hair that hangs to the cheek are possible.
POINT3. Hair on side that hangs to cheek when looking down.
POINT4. Damage is minimum,Moreover,it does from a very limit root.

Drug application
It judges according to the state of hair and distinguishes by different color the medicine of the preparation which is different for every part of hair with.
dry hair
It dries using the brush of the form which sandwiches hair.
We do iron operation very carefully.
When applying a fixing solution
consideration that the root of hair
does not break is made.
Hair treatment is used in order
to prevent the damage of future hair.
Tax included SoftWave MiddleWave HerdWave maximally
Short / Few 16900 18100 19300 20500
Normal 17900 19100 20300 21500
A lot 18900 20100 21300 22500
Medium / Few 17900 19100 20300 21500
Normal 18900 20100 21300 22500
A lot 19900 21100 22300 23500
Long / Few 18900 20100 21300 22500
Normal 19900 21100 22300 23500
A lot 20900 22100 23300 24500
#Only within 6cm of the root1000off
#With hair cut 1000off

Guarantee of B2C Osaka Umeda, Kobe Sannomiya is 14 days.
You will try again for free it is "inadequacy",
But you can not refund in any case.

Point 'Relaxer' Tax included#CalculatePrice (auto)
Bangs 'Relaxer'Bangs Natural Hair Relaxer 1Bangs -Parietal-FaceLineNatural Hair Relaxer 5
4980 Jpy11200 Jpy
FaceLine-BangsBangs Natural Hair Relaxer 2Hairline round(Diluted)Natural Hair Relaxer 6
6880 Jpy8980 Jpy
ParietalBangs Natural Hair Relaxer 3Hairline round(Thicker)Bangs Natural Hair Relaxer 7
6880 Jpy11200 Jpy
Bangs -ParietalBangs Natural Hair Relaxer 4 About 1/47980 Jpy
About 1/38980 Jpy
About 1/211200 Jpy
8980 Jpy About 2/33000off Jpy(from all)