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Straight Parm

Straight Parm Feature

  • point1 The beautiful straight hair point1

    • Because there is tension on the hair, it is very natural.
      There is elasticity of hair. So hair will fall while drawing an arc.
      The surface of the hair can see the circle of angel.
      It's not an unnatural straight. Seems to feel the hair treatment.
      And beautiful finish, wheel of angel. I will touch the hair unintentionally.
  • point2 Not to damage the cuticle point1

    • Drug to be used for natural straight perm, different from the normal straight perm.
      New ingredient that does not denature the hair is "Supiera".
      It does not soften the hair, to penetrate the cuticle remains closed.
      So organization of hair is not destroyed by the alkali. It does not damage the cuticle.
      This improves smooth the surface of the hair.
      I can reproduce the beautiful luster to your hair.
      And it lasts a long time. Lasting about four months.
  • point3 Elasticity of hair point1

    • Organization of hair is not destroyed by the alkali.
      Hair is slightly acidic state,when I use a hair iron.
      Hair is resistant to heat in a state of weak acid of the original.
      When we use a hair iron so Heat denaturation does not occur even.
      So damage to the hair is less.
      In the standard perm ,elasticity disappears hair becomes hard,so to heat denaturation.
      This straight perm are using acid 'spiera'. So the result is totally different.
  • point4 Texture of healthy hair point1

    • The low-risk than the drug straight perm other.
      Will never be healthier than the original after any perm.
      However, feel so certainly in Natural straight perm.
      We reduce the physical damage or damage caused by the drug.
      So, beautiful hair can get.
  • point5 Organization of hair is alive point1

    • Should not be usually,be a perm after straight perm.
      But "natural straight" does not modify the organization of hair.
      So you can perm in the future.
      In that case, I recommend the cosmetics hot perm.
      However, it is not recommended if there is extreme damage from other causes.

  • Loose unruly hair and Wavy hair
  • Those who don't like unnatural straight.
  • Those who want to perm also future.
  • Those who don't want to damage hair.

PRICE Tax included
New hair retouch under-6cm/15480 Jpy
(Short13480 Jpy)
All of hair/16480 Jpy
(Short14480 Jpy)
*If together hair cut ¥1000off
*College 500off Student 1000off

(Cut is required) #CalculatePrice (auto)

You feel like the hair was like a treatment.
Natural Straight Permanent.
Result which cannot be obtained in ordinary hair treatment.
Gloss is given to hair and elasticity is not lost.
Your hair changes in 150 minutes!
#Strong wavy hair recommends you here.