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teamS's Policy

B2C-teamS is a hair salon that gathers people who worry about hair. It is a special team, including Mr. Yasui, who realizes the hairstyle that has been abandoned. For customers who have a lot of hair, cannot be permed, or have natural curly hair that cannot be straightened, or have hair rejected by other stores, or customers who have made mistakes in other stores.


TeamS also has complex reception technology, so when you call us, we will check the details of the reservation status, so you may need time. Thanks for your understanding.
#You can consult and make an appointment on LINE #You can consult and make an appointment on SMS
#There is no B2C-teamS coupon in the magazine or app.
#Open  10:00~19:30 (LastOrder 18:30) 
#Closed: Monday・Tuesday (Thu・Fri We are in Kobe)
Detailed business hours
Detailed map (5 minutes walk from Umeda Station or Osaka Station)

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Syuji Yasui

B2C ceo
The Hairdresser Who Can Repair Failing Hair

Saori Yamada

Syuji's partner
A beautician who challenges the limit
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Black people relaxer

Black people relaxe

In teamS black people hair and half black hair are only treated with non-alkaline (acidic) direct ironing. . Originally, black hair could not be ironed without strong alkali, but that would damage the hair and make the hair break into pieces. However, B2c -teamS managed to straighten black hair with only acid straighteners. Makes hair shiny. Can target long hair due to less tangling.

Congenital curly hair

In many cases, non-inherited congenital curly hair is very fragile and will be torn off when pulled, but teamS has the technology to make it beautiful and straight. A straight perm on curly hair improves the condition, making it less prone to breakage and tangles.
acid creep perm

Weak acid creep perm does not require hair styling

Generally speaking, the hair style that the landlord has seen on SNS, most of it is the hair style for the city. Not enough teamS braided hair styling, just a simple haircut. I have a flexible hair and a straight hair.
Relaxer and bleaching

Relaxer and Hair Bleaching

In general, Relaxer and bleaching are out of the question. But teamS can do ion ironing and bleaching in most cases. This photo is an example of what teamS did

teamS work

Special technology for customer support. Most people who visit teamS for the first time fall into one of the above categories. There are many people who come to our store after being rejected by other stores, or who come to our store after failing at other stores. We will use professional theory, knowledge and experience to overcome it. If you encounter any problem other than the ones listed below, please contact us before giving up.

Hair problems

・Too hard, too thin, curly, excessive, congenitally curly, black, foreign, mixed race, easily damaged hair.

Difficult technology

・Dye hair on ion perm hair ・Ion perm on bleached hair ・Perm hair style that does not spread out even though there is a lot of hair ・Perm for thin hair, hair style that does not require styling

Repair failed hair

Ion perm failed... Unable to straighten, flat, and broken hair
Failed perm・・・Ugly appearance, high damage, no curls
Hair dyeing failure・・・Uneven color, hair color different from expected, excessive damage
Haircut failed・・・The outline is unnatural and the hairstyle is unnatural.
In teamS, the team of Mr. Yasui and Saori Yamada are responsible for everything technically.
Ion perm can eliminate surface roughness and make hair shiny. We are confident in our perm technology. Hair damage will also be kept to a minimum if complex colors or bleaching are used.
We will put all our experience, technology, knowledge, thinking and drive into charge of your hair.