Osaka,Kobes Charisma Beautician
Director Syuji Yasui
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The trouble to your hair is solved.


  • Hair is thick and volume sticks out too far.
  • Hair is thin and volume does not come out.
  • It is troubled by difficult frizzled hair and
    difficult wavy hair.
  • A permanent can be taken immediately.
  • Hair is damaged.
Yasui Owner Price of Hair Style Design
Tax included
Adult:7300 Jpy College:6300 Jpy Student:5300 Jpy
#Digital Permand Cut
Adult:19200 Jpy College:17700 Jpy Student:16700 Jpy
#Straight Parmand Cut
Adult:22780 Jpy College:21280 Jpy Student:19780 Jpy
#Natural Hair Relaxerand Cut
Adult:24200 Jpy- College:22700 Jpy- Student:21200 Jpy-
#Relaxer for Black People
(Only Root Short)24900 Jpy - 38700 Jpy(Whole Long)
#Hair dyeand Cut
Adult:14500 Jpy- College:13000 Jpy- Student:11500 Jpy-

My partner


She has great ability

I accept difficult jobs, so a partner with great ability is needed. Great ability. Saori Yamada, She has worked together for a long time, is a young hairdresser, but he is a very good beautician, with high technical ability and high concentration.

Spirit to Permanent

It is permanent until now and I want the direction without a successful experience to try my technique.
If it is usual, a permanent of thin hair is lost early.
However, in many cases, I solve it using a measure.
Usually, a permanent makes a damage in hair and cannot make beautiful curl. However, I make beautiful curl in your hair.

It is a technique menu of my confidence.
#Cosme Hot Permanent wave

Spirit to Natural Hair relaxer

The kind of wavy hair is various.
In order to improve to beautiful straight hair, there are many hurdles.
Natural Hair relaxer requires the outstanding intuition and knowledge, and experience.
In that respect, I have many operating experiences and, moreover, am abundant in knowledge.
If you ask for fascinating beautiful straight hair, please leave it to me.

It is a technique menu of my confidence.
#Natural Hair relaxer

Spirit to Cut

I have an innovative view to haircut.
I make it special ability to cut heavy hair so that it may look lightly.
However I never use thinning scissors.
It is because it thinks that the technique called 'Dry Stroke Cut' is the optimal in order to show hair lightly moreover beautifully.

Cut of "hair end"


Cut of thinning scissors

Stiff hair, hair a lot, even in the crowded and plow shears, cases not settled neatly are many.
← hair is not settled in this.

Dry Stroke Cut

Dry Stroke Cut

If we don't carefully of 'Dry stroke cut' deep finely shaggy, and your hair will not be lightly never.
← This is the ideal cut.

The time required is somewhat long in order to work in a very fine procedure.
Occasionally, to a one customer, it remains 4000 times, and opens and closes scissors.
And I know the know-how which manipulates wavy hair well.

Therefore, the good hairstyle of a settlement can be made by haircut.
I am a technique of haircut and am good also at making the hairstyle which has a motion in straight hair.

It is a technique menu of my confidence.
#Hair cut

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NHK-News (2010) Fighting scene of love (2009)
Wide・ABC! (2004~2005)
Super Beautician transformation Battle,BTB(1999~2002)
Fri-day-IkiIki-Time (2002)
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Live Hair-Show
Cafe Fish Under-Lounge MotherHall,Belebel-beauty-scool,Mukogawa-Women's-University,Osaka City University Shinwa University OsakaTB-Hall
Charisma Beautician,Syuji Yasui(Osaka Kobe)
Super Beautician transformation Battle,BTB(SUN-TV)
This program was broadcast in Japan from 1999 to 2002.
This program is a hairdresser at the hair and makeup to transform, the model was to apply for participation.
Yasui representative had appeared in the regular.
Charisma Beautician,Syuji Yasui(Osaka Kobe)2
On the Super Beautician transformation Battle-TV,Memories of the most is the location in Vietnam. I took the scenic boat trip to Hanoi.
Surprisingly, it was to cut the model in that board. Hair cut is less likely to spear a strong wind, was tough.
Charisma Beautician,Syuji Yasui(Osaka Kobe)3
Wide! ABC,Bae Yongjun hairdresser(ABC-TV)
From its resemblance to the actor in Korea at that time, was very popular, this title has been named.
In the live show, was to transform content in hair and makeup, a model of middle-aged woman.。
Charisma Beautician,Syuji Yasui(Osaka Kobe)4
Because it was live, did not have much time to spare. Had a haircut and make-up on the fly. It was difficult even keep the atmosphere is similar to Bae Yongjun, was a pleasant experience.